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Welcome to DC Industrial and its innovative Edge Polisher Machine team! Our 9-head model offers an unparalleled granite edge polishing experience. With a production of 155″ inches per minute, this equipment has the capacity to polish granite pieces with a thickness between 1cm and 6cm.

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9 Heads: Exceptional Results

This piece of equipment is not only powerful, but also compact, measuring 28 feet long by 4 feet wide by 9 feet high. In addition, its included water recycling system allows continuous use without the need for clean water. DC Industrial's Edge Polisher Machine is also easy to use, making it intuitive and completely friendly for any operator.

This equipment does not require air or water connections, which means it can be used anywhere with a power source. DC Industrial's Edge Polisher Machine is mechanical and reliable, ensuring heavy-duty performance every time. In addition, its easy maintenance makes it ideal for any work environment.

Edge polishing has never been easier with DC Industrial's Edge Polisher Machine. With the ability to polish edges as if they were made by hand, this equipment is the only one on the market that produces parts 100% ready to be installed without the need for any additional retouching. Get exceptional edge polishing results with the DC Industrial Edge Polisher Machine!

  • Model: MB9000
  • Total heads: 9
  • Maximum granite thickness: 1cm – 6cm
  • Wheel size: Φ5″
  • Production rate: 155 inches/minute
  • Minimum stone size: 3″
  • Full Power: 32 HP
  • Water Consumption: 55 gallons/minute
  • Overall Size: 28″ × 4″ × 9″ (LxWxH)
Edge Polisher Machine by DC Industrial

Production rate: 155 inches per minute

Edge Polisher Machine by DC Industrial

100% mechanical and reliable, Heavy Duty type

Space saving with a 28' x 4' footprint, the most compact and heaviest in its category

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