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Thanks to the fact that DC Industrial is a leader in knowledge, we are the only ones in the granite market that design our own machinery under our own standards, based on the needs of cutting and manufacturing in the USA.
We know that acquiring heavy machinery is a significant investment for your business, and that's why we work hard to provide you with customized solutions that fit your specific needs and budget.
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Receive the finest industrial technical service free for life.

Buying any and one of our machines, you will obtain benefits such as:

Lifetime remote support

Video counseling

Industry specialized personnel

Spare parts available

Customized solutions

Satisfaction guarantee

Free continuous training

Our Products

Our products are specialized for the granite industry


We are proud to introduce the ISIS 925 MAX, a granite and porcelain cutting machine designed and built to last 13-15 years. This Heavy Duty iron and steel alloy machine is the most reliable, efficient and durable on the market. Its weight of 7.5 tons (the heaviest on the market) allows a vibration-free cut to guarantee perfect 45º cuts. In addition, it comes with high quality and resistance components, Scheider Electric brand electrical systems, 2 green lasers for straight cutting and 45º cutting.

The DC Industrial ISIS 925 MAX has technical characteristics that make it unique in its category. Its 20 HP main motor, with a speed of 1,800 rpm for stone and 2,800 rpm for porcelain, and a bevel cutting range of 0º – 50º, driven by a Z hydraulic piston, allows the production of up to 13-15 slabs per shift. 8 hours. The work table has 0º – 360º power rotation, 0º – 85º table tilt, 100% hydraulic, and moves by wireless remote control.

Edge Polisher Machine

If you are looking for a high-quality and efficient stone polishing solution for your business, our 9-head stone grinder is the perfect tool. With this machine, you can obtain precise and uniform finishes in record time, which allows you to increase the productivity of your business and improve the quality of your products.

It is especially effective in polishing marble, porcelain, quartz, and more. With a maximum thickness capacity of 1cm to 6cm. Plus, with its working length of 4″ to 118″, it can easily handle stones of different sizes and shapes.

Screw Air Compressors

The screw compressor is a reliable and durable piece of equipment that offers you a wide range of power options. This single-stage air compressor is air-cooled and oil-injected, ensuring optimal performance and long life.

Among the power options, the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) option stands out, which is highly energy efficient and helps you reduce your energy bill by automatically adjusting the speed of the motor to meet the demand for compressed air, drawing fewer amps at full load. In addition, we offer options for 220V single phase and 230V or 460V three phase to meet your specific needs.

DC Industrial, we are big on passion for work and customer service

Your best ally on your way to industrial success

DC Industrial is a leading company in solutions for companies engaged in the cutting and distribution of exotic stones such as granite, porcelain, quartz, marble and more. With over 12 years of industry experience, we offer high-quality equipment with a lifetime warranty, ongoing training, and exceptional customer service.

DC Industrial is the leading technical expert in the USA. Located in Miami, Florida, we are ready to help your company achieve its business objectives in the stone industry.

Our Process

This is how we work

All our customers are substantial  and at DC Industrial Equipment , We want to demonstrate and  provide personalized support in the purchase, delivery, and the installation of your machine

Technical and financial advice

We will help you in selecting the best machine suitable for you and to understand the benefits and functionalities that differentiate us from others.

Sale and accompaniment

Once you have selected the machine, you will learn of the payment fees and delivery options for your product.

Transport and installation

We will deliver your machine to the agreed point. Upon installation, You will receive training and maintenance advice and ensure you of the functional machine, for over 15 years.

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