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In this first article of “Unlocking Your Potential by DC” you will learn what DC is, what we specialize in, and everything about industrial-type or Heavy Duty machinery for cutting and manufacturing stone in the granite industry.

Over time we have realized that there is a lot of ignorance about everything related to industrial machinery, its mechanical and electrical functions, and its differences from other types of references. With this type of article, we seek to deliver all the knowledge we have acquired since 2009 free of charge to each of our clients, to mechanics who want to learn about this type of machinery, or to each reader interested in the subject.

The best machine on the market

The “Bridge Saw Monoblock 625” is a type of machinery that currently has 2 references “625A” and “625E”. Today you will know how to differentiate them according to their specifications.

The reference “625A” is the same size as all the machines currently on the market. This type of machinery measures 19 ft wide and 16 ft long, however, this type of machine has a problem which resides in the fact that when cutting a “jumbo slab” or a “super jumbo slab” at 45°, the blade does not cover 100% of the table frame. The solution to this problem was found thanks to the 10 years of experience we have in this market; we implemented a type of machinery that had extended rails and thus we obtained the “Bridge Saw Monoblock 625E” which on this occasion has measurements of width in 19 ft and length is no longer 16 ft, but 19 ft, so that the blade can cut without the need to move the plate and in the same way not to lose the square


Many people will wonder why this machine is the best option on the market?

Structure: Our machine has a “monoblock” structure (Mono – “one”, Block – “Block”.) The fact that the machine is made of a single block guarantees that the table is level for life, even if it suffers shocks or unexpected sudden movements, likewise this ensures a perfect 45° cut.

Weight: The “Bridge Saw Monoblock 625E” is the heaviest machine on the market with a total weight of 7.5 tons, in turn, this is one of the most significant advantages of this reference, because when cutting at 45° the firmness and weight of this will not generate any type of vibration and this means having a perfect cut.

Resistance: Over time the factor that most damages these machines is water, however, when they have a thick and totally stable structure, it is possible that they last many more years; Our slicers are made and designed to last more than 15 years, and if preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out, it is possible that it will last much longer.

Hydraulic system: Pneumatic systems are not used in our machinery because they are not of an industrial type, nor are they reliable systems since they can fail at any time because they work within an air and tend to fill with water and dirt, which is very complicated to clean or remove. In DC we use oils, and hydraulic systems, which are reliable and robust, due to the fact that it is a single piston with the necessary force to guarantee constant and effective work.

Electrical parts: In DC we use Italian electrical parts of the Schneider Electric brand.

Stability: In our machines, we use a mixture of steel with iron to make their useful life longer and in this way water does not oxidize them easily. This way it is possible to ensure a durability of more than 15 years.

Here in DC, we have everything you need so that your business can increase its power. If you want to know much more about our products, and how they work, or make your purchase, do not hesitate to contact us and our team of engineers will resolve your request in the shortest possible time.

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