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The best “heavy duty” machines in the granite and porcelain industry



DC Industrial is proud to introduce its newest release, the ISIS 925 MAX, a granite and porcelain cutting machine designed and built to last 13-15 years. This machine has an Italian Heavy Duty iron and steel alloy design, and is the most reliable, efficient and durable machine on the market. Its 7.5 ton weight allows vibration-free cutting to ensure perfect 45º cuts and improve overall cut quality.

Monoblock Bridge Saw 625E

Monoblock Bridge Saw 625 E

Con un peso de 7.5 toneladas, la MONOBLOCK BRIDGE SAW 625E elimina las vibraciones indeseadas al momento de cortar, lo que mejora la calidad del corte y la eficiencia en el trabajo. Esta cortadora de granito es la mejor opción para talleres y negocios de fabricación de piedra que buscan mejorar su productividad y eficiencia.

La MONOBLOCK BRIDGE SAW 625E es capaz de cortar piezas de hasta 3200 mm de longitud, 2000 mm de ancho y 100 mm de grosor (126 «× 78» × 4 «). Su guía láser y sensores proporcionan una alta precisión para tolerancias de mecanizado, lo que significa que obtendrás cortes precisos y uniformes en cada pieza.

Edge Polisher Machine

If you are looking for a high-quality and efficient stone polishing solution for your business, our 9-head stone grinder is the perfect tool. With this machine, you can obtain precise and uniform finishes in record time, which allows you to increase the productivity of your business and improve the quality of your products.

It is especially effective in polishing marble, porcelain, quartz, and more. With a maximum thickness capacity of 1cm to 6cm. Plus, with its working length of 4″ to 118″, it can easily handle stones of different sizes and shapes.

Screw Air Compressors

The AGA brand air compressor is a reliable and durable piece of equipment that offers you a wide range of power options. This single-stage air compressor is air-cooled and oil-injected, ensuring optimal performance and long life.

Among the power options, the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) option stands out, which is highly energy efficient and helps you reduce your energy bill by automatically adjusting the speed of the motor to meet the demand for compressed air, drawing fewer amps at full load. In addition, we offer options for 220V single phase and 230V or 460V three phase to meet your specific needs.